Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lobby the Council this Thursday! Sign the petition!

This Thursday, 10th October at 6pm, we intend to lobby the full meeting of Islington Council.
 We have drafted the following petition and would like you sign it.
Everyone who signs will go on the petition that will be presented on Thursday and your name will 
go up on the blog as well.
 Best regards
Our Petition is as follows, please add your name and 
email back to me post haste at:




We, the undersigned call on Islington Council to conduct 
a member led enquiry into the following:

1. The external recruitment that has continued unfettered whilst
 at the same time the Council has made huge numbers of 
people redundant

2. We demand an explanation for the massive spend on 
consultants such as Red Quadrant and Price Waterhouse 

3. We demand explanations for the need to spend £22 
million on agency in one year, and how many of 
these are on zero hour contracts?

4. Why spend £500,000 in three months on eleven 
consultants in the Chief Executive's Department?

The following members of Islington UNISON (so far) :

Mike Calvert
Jane Doolan
Andrew Berry
Dwayne Coggins
Fiona Monkman
Keith Facey
T.P Luke
Kevin Perkins
Sarah Bullman
Ashley Niman
Paul Whelpton 
Alex Shaw
John Lloyd
Torsten Schietzelt
Pat Barry
Sam Grove
Anthony Bourke
Dominic Temple
Audrey Riley
Paul Murphy
Natalie Prince
Maggie Ford
Garwin Samlal
Evelyn Browning
Michael Calderbank
Alex Wood 
Matt Robson  
Sameena Parvin
Monica Kumar
Rosemary Plummer
Denise Facey
Diana James
Alan Wylie
Don Euripides
Richard Gill
Lisa McInerney 

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