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National Labour link Committee (Greater London seat) advice

The Branch has nominated Andrew Berry, current member of the National Committee for the Greater London seat for the National Labour Link.
Please bear this in mind when casting your votes, which are in a separate envelope.

Guidance for the Labour leadership election

For those who have registered but not yet voted here is some guidance including UNISON recommendations from both National and Branch were applicable.
Leader Election
UNISON has nominated Jeremy Corbyn MP and therefore recommends a 1st preference for Jeremy, the Islington Branch are also fully behind the Jeremy for leader Campaign. Jeremy is great friend of the Islington Branch has always supported the branch in campaigns and actions.
UNISON has also recommended a 2nd preference for Yvette Cooper MP.
Deputy Leader Election
UNISON has nominated Angela Eagle MP as Deputy Leader and recommends a 1st Preference.
UNISON also has recommended a 2nd preference for Stella Creasy MP.
Mayoral candidate selection
Greater London UNISON has made no recommendation in the Mayor Selection but points out that Sadiq Khan, David Lammy and Tessa Jowell are UNISON members.
The Islington Branch Labour Link meeting voted to support Diane Abbott MP for 1st preference.
There was no recommendation for second preference but a majority of other trade unions have nominated Sadiq Khan MP and Diane’s campaign is recommending a 2nd preference to Sadiq.
National Labour link Committee (Greater London seat):
This is a separate ballot sent to your home address and you do not need to register for it all APF payers should get one, the Branch has nominated myself, Andrew Berry.
Andrew Berry
UNISON Labour Link Officer

Monday, 17 August 2015

Islington Councillor Kat Fletcher reveals volunteer power behind Jeremy Corbyn's leadership campaign By KOOS COUV√ČE

AS BALLOT papers are being sent out to hundreds of thousands of Labour Party members and registered supporters all over the country, a key figure in Jeremy Corbyn's surging leadership campaign has given an insight on the volunteer effort which underpins it.

St George's ward Councillor Kat Fletcher was the Islington North MP's election agent and as soon as Mr Corbyn scraped onto the ballot in June she was asked coordinate the volunteer effort in London.

Working out of the Unite The Union building in Euston, she coordinates an ever-growing “phone bank”, which consists of volunteers calling members to persuade them to back Mr Corbyn.

 “Over the past six weeks the movement has just grown and grown,” Cllr Fletcher said. “Initially I sent out a test email sending to 350 people in London to see if they wanted to volunteer for Jeremy. Within two hours I had 220 responses.”

Cllr Fletcher, 35, who was first elected to the Islington Council in 2013, works for a small pub company and has been given time off by her boss to work in the campaign. “I have never been so busy”, she said.

When she sent out her first email, 3,000 people across the country had already signed up to volunteer for Mr Corbyn. On Monday, that figure stood at 8,038, while the number of volunteers turning up at the phone bank every evening has reached 130. On Tuesday, £120,000 had been raised for the campaign from small donations averaging £23.50.

 “The response has been astonishingly positive,” Cllr Fletcher said. “You can tell that from the energy in the room. The volunteers are excited to be there and they keep coming back. They are winning the arguments. It doesn't feel like an uphill struggle.”

Previously disillusioned with politics, Giles Anamzoya, 23, decided to join Mr Corbyn when he was out canvassing after the general election. “I wanted to take stock of him and he impressed me very much”, said the charity fundraiser of Finsbury Park, who has been volunteering at the phone bank.

 “I wanted to volunteer for him from the very start. He is a very refreshing politician, and although he is the oldest of the four candidates he understands the youth and he stands up for what we believe in.”

Cllr Fletcher said there are lots of teenage volunteers, but added the demographic is “incredibly varied”. “A lot has been made about the young energetic youthful element that is definitely true, but there's also people in their 70s and 80s sitting there,” she added. “That's just wonderful.”

Pensioner Jennifer Hall, 67, of Highbury, is not a volunteer, but she is one of many who has come back to the party after an almost 20-year absence. She said many people of her generation have been buoyed by the movement that has sprung up around her MP.

“I think many people are like me in that they were waiting for somebody who is credible and not in the careerist mould,” she said. “I don't feel compromised by being Labour if there are people like Jeremy who stand a real chance of making a difference within the party. He's a genuine article.

 “He has been my MP for over 30 years and he represents real socialism, and I think the things he's coming out with now are brilliant. It's refreshing to have a different voice.”

Cllr Fletcher said the volunteering effort is creating a new network of political activists.

 “A lot of new people are joining the party and they are creating networks to organise. This is a huge opportunity. After this initial excitement we have to build the party as an electoral force.”

Asked whether she fears Mr Corbyn's momentum might wane, she added: “My experience is that every day is bigger. I can't predict it but as far as I can see we are not yet at the top of our momentum.”

Ballot papers will be sent out Friday, and voting can take place by post or online. The result will be announced at a special conference on September 12.

Jeremy's programme - UNISON's policies

To win, Labour must reconnect in all parts of Britain from Southampton to Nuneaton to Kilmarnock.
There is a clear choice: to accept the Tories' race to the bottom on cuts or to set out a vision of a modern, innovative country.  We cannot cut our way to prosperity.
And we need something different – a better kind of politics too.
With Jeremy Corbyn as leader, Labour will be able to reconnect with Britain with policies designed to deliver in every part of the country
Jeremy is standing to deliver:
  • A new kind of politics: a fairer, kinder Britain based on innovation, decent jobs and decent public services.
  • Growth not austerity – with a national investment bank to help create tomorrow's jobs and reduce the deficit fairly. Fair taxes for all - let the broadest shoulders bear the biggest burden to balance the books.
  • A lower welfare bill through investment and growth not squeezing the least well-off and cuts to child tax credits.
  • Action on climate change - for the long-term interest of the planet rather than the short-term interests of corporate profits.
  • Public ownership of railways and in the energy sector - privatisation has put profits before people.
  • Decent homes for all in public and private sectors by 2025 through a big housebuilding programme and controlling rents.
  • No more illegal wars, a foreign policy that prioritises justice and assistance. Replacing Trident not with a new generation of nuclear weapons but jobs that retain the communities’ skills.
  • Fully-funded NHS, integrated with social care, with an end to privatisation in health.
  • Protection at work – no zero hours contracts, strong collective bargaining to stamp out workplace injustice.
  • Equality for all – a society that accepts no barriers to everyone’s talents and contribution. An end to scapegoating of migrants.
  • A life-long national education service for decent skills and opportunities throughout our lives: universal childcare, abolishing student fees and restoring grants, and funding adult skills training throughout our lives

Sunday, 2 August 2015

UNISON members backing Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader

UNISON members backing Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader
If you want to add your name to this statement, please let us know in the comments; include your branch and position if you have one.
We the undersigned as UNISON members support Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader and believe UNISON should support him. Jeremy Corbyn is the candidate that most reflects the policy positions of our union.
He is the only candidate that is anti-austerity and has already come out in support of UNISON's call for a £10 minimum wage. He supports building council housing, reversing all privatisation of the NHS, funding Social Care and supporting comprehensive education, nationalisation of energy and water, supporting better funding for Higher Education, and an end to loans and fees.
 All in personal capacity:
Andrew Berry, National Labour Link Committee
Gray Allen, National Labour Link Committee
Nancy Flynn (Coull) former President and Chair of Labour Link.
Rachel Voller, Wirral University Teaching Hospital and UCLH (former Vice Chair Labour link)
Ray McHale (former North West Regional Representative on the National Labour Link Committee)
Max Watson, NEC, Branch Secretary, London Metropolitan University
Jon Rogers, NEC, Branch Secretary, Lambeth
Paul Gilroy, NEC, Branch Secrteraty ,Newcastle City
Jonathan Dunning, NEC, Norfolk County Branch Secretary.
Ella Thorp, Northern Region Labour Link Committee
Terry McPartlan, Northern Region Labour Link Committee
Sue Plain, Local Government SGE,  Branch Secretary Southwark
Marsha-Jane Thompson, Branch Secretary, Havering Branch
Ruth Cashman, Chair, Lambeth Branch
Steven Ellis, j/s Branch Secretary, Birkbeck University Branch
Daniel Nichols, Labour Link Officer, UNISON LFEPA
Jane Gebbie, Neath Branch Sec, Port Talbot UNISON Ass
Laney Walsh, Branch Secretary, Redditch and Bromsgrove Branch
Mathew Mead, Chair, Redditch and Bromsgrove Branch
Jane Doolan, Branch Secretary Islington LG
Alex Nightingale, Branch Secretary, King's College London Branch
Deborah Foster, Branch Secretary, Frimley Health Branch
Dan Sartin, Branch Secretary, West Sussex County Branch
Alex Harris, Branch Secretary, Unison Barnardo's
George McIrvine, Branch Secretary, UNISON Police Staff Scotland
Diane Jones, Branch Secretary, Aberystwyth University
Mark Wareham, Labour Link Officer, Salisbury Health Branch
Waida Foman, Branch Secretary, Unison PAH
Charlie Hore, Community and Voluntary Organisations Branch
Steve Elsey, Branch Secretary Staffordshire UNISON
Chris Berry, Chair, Nottinghamshire police branch
Caroline Glendinning Branch Secretary, Oxford City
Sean Fox, Joint Branch Secretary, Haringey LG & NJC
Jim Board, Branch Secretary - Doncaster UNISON
Fiona Monkman, Chair, Islington LG
Najeeb Nazir, Labour Link Officer, Nottingham City Branch
Anne Neilson, Branch Secretary, North West Leicestershire
Jonathan Lee, Branch Secretary, Hastings & Eastbourne Healthcare
George Binette, Branch Secretary, Camden Branch
John Burgess, Branch Secretary, Barnet UNISON.
Nick Middleton Joint Branch Sec Plymouth Community Health
Steve Elsey, Branch Sec, Staffordshire UNISON
Val Graham, East midland region Retired Members Committee
Mick Bowman, Asst Secretary, Northumberland County
Mike Calvert, Deputy Branch Secretary, Islington LG
Diana James, Asst Branch Secretary, Islington LG
Mick Bowman, assistant branch secretary, UNISON Northumberland County Branch
David Thomas Havering Branch Assistant Branch Secretary
Vicki Morris, Communications Officer, University of Nottingham Branch,
Richard White International Officer Sandwell General Branch
Shane Faulkner, Communications Officer, Wakefield District Branch
Stephen Wood, LGBT Officer, Wakefield District Branch
Sophie Jenkins, Vice chair and LGBT/Women's Officer Central Bristol Health
Alan Rylatt, Treasurer, Islington LG
James Robinson Treasurer, Knowsley Branch
Neil Summers, Treasurer, Northumbria Health Care Branch
Ruby Cox West Sussex Unison Retired Members' Secretary
Ed Whitby, Convenor (Children's Services), Newcastle Branch
Patrick Hunter Housing Convenor, Barnet LG
Liam Forsyth, Young Members Officer, Northumberland LG Branch
Ruby Nicholson-Pallett, young members officer, Bath health branch
Susan Jefferies, Disabled Members Officer, Swindon Branch
Iain Hedley, Northumberland LG Branch, Rules & Constitution Officer; Steward
Lesley Carline, Steward, Hull Branch,
Jennie Haswell, Health and Safety Officer, Wakefield District Branch
Louise Paine, Cornwall Branch
Ruth Duckworth, Canterbury Christ Church University Branch
Luke Turnbull, Leeds Community Health branch
Tim Nelson, Vice Chair, North Somerset Branch
Pekka Tuutti, International Officer, Cambridgeshire LG Branch
Michael Cole., Publicity and Communications Officer.,Middlesex University UNISON
Frank K Winston, Convener, UNISON Police Staff Scotland
M.Allen Unison LFEPA Branch Case Worker
Neil Conlock, Pennine Care NHS Trust Branch, Equalities Rep
Ruth Conlock, Organising Steward Unison Oldham LG
Luke Henderson, steward, Clackmannanshire Unison
Helen Towers, steward, South Tyneside Local Gov
Ruth Conlock Organising Steward, Unison Oldham LG
Sonita Singh, Steward, Islington LG
Dean Ryan, Steward, Islington, LG
Joanne Cardwell, Steward, Islington LG
Yesim Senler, Steward, Islington LG
Matt Sharpe - Leicestershire, Workplace Rep
Ann Hird Unison Steward Doncaster Branch
Bev Worrall Doncaster Unison Steward
Deirdre Beevers, Doncaster Unison Steward
Rose Bulfin retired,was Salisbury NHS Trust Branch Sec
Billie Dale Wakefield Bristol City retired member voluntary sector
Lynne Moffat, Islington LG
Eileen Best Stockport LG branch
Chris Easton, ex-branch sec Northumberland Care Trust, retired member
Dave Knight, Ex Branch secretary Walthamstow, retired members
Noele Butler, Staffordshire Branch
Adele Williams, Nottinghamshire County Unison
Steve Martin, Greenwich Local Government Branch
Margaret Jean Morris, Pembrokeshire
Ellen Townend, Fife Health
Ilyas Aziz, Nottingham Branch
Frankie Patterson, retired member
Michaela Stephens Griffin, Newcastle Branch
Rob Baker, Manchester Metropolitan University Branch
Steph Masters, Leicester City Council Branch
Lulu Rutter, Brighton and Hove Branch
Phillip Lewis, Camden Branch, London Hazards chair of the asbestos group
Brian Gardner, Hackney Branch
Hayley Goddard, Leeds Branch
Callum Bell, Northumberland branch.
Melanie Strong, Tower Hamlets branch
Rita French Hertfordshire CC branch
Ingrid Green Nottingham
Jo Sergeant, Bristol
Ray Riley - Wakefield Unison
Andrea Holt Doncaster
Liz Hemingway. Liverpool
Angela Green, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHSFT
Paul Liwthian - Gateshead Branch
Sandre Jones, Community health services. East Midlands
Alison Murray, Durham Constabulary
Mihaela Sidei, Lewisham
Paul Hayler, East Sussex Unison
David Horton, Kent Branch
Jonathan Tunnicliffe, kirklees UNISON
Matthew Stiles, Greenwich Voluntary Sect
Dwayne Coggins. Islington UNISON
Gassimu Jah, Islington UNISON
Geraldine Grizzle, Islington UNISON
John Philpott, Islington UNISON
Mike Frost, Ridgeway Branch
Lizzy Pannell, Calderdale Unison.
Emily Ashmore Brighton branch
Mark Tracey, Worcestershire Branch
Paul Watson, Islington
Louise Sutcliffe, Newcastle University
Peter Rice - Liverpool
michael paling stockton branch
Rebecca Newsome, Cardiff, Voluntary Sector
Dave Merchant, Oldham LG Branch
Nicola Horrigan. Cardiff. UNISON
Heather Bullen Derby UNISON member
Lynne Faulkes retired member, Hackney Colleges
Angela Green, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHSFT
Kathryn Duffus Shetland UNISON branch
Hannah Yates, Salford
Hannah Stevenson, Newcastle University Unison, Young Unison Northern Member
Marie Chandler, Liverpool
Karina Knight - Manchester City
Paul Murphy, Islington UNISON
Pam Bromley from Lancashire Unison.
Mick Allan, Exeter
Nicola Doyle - Doncaster
Steph Masters. Unison branch member Leicester
Noele Butler Labour party and Unison member Staffordshire branch
Theresa Rollinson Doncaster Unison member
Carole Hanson Doncaster unison member
Len Weiss Chairman Retired members Waltham Forest Branch
Max Smith, member
George Deacon
Jean Jones

UNISON 4 Jezza

Jezza: Unity is our watchword

Jeremy Corbyn’s unity appeal says:
“We have now completed the formal nomination phase of Labour’s leadership election, and as we move closer to the ballot itself our watchword must be unity, with a debate embracing all members from all parts of the party.
“The leadership election should be conducted with one thought in mind: our objective is to be a united party focused on winning the general election and campaigning across the country, day in day out. Everywhere, from a local council election, to the Scottish, Welsh and London elections, we will need unity to win.
“Everything that everyone says and does in this leadership election should be about unity, not division. There is no place for personal animosity, negative campaigning, and saying or doing anything now that will damage our ability to work together as one party.
“Whoever wins the leadership must work tirelessly every day to forge Labour into a united and successful party.
“Let us do policy and politics, not personal criticism. Supporters of all candidates must put this positive spirit first, in the interests of our party.
 “When the dust has settled, we will still all be Labour. Let’s conduct our debate on the basis of comradeship and unity in action against the damaging agenda of the Tory party.”

UNISON supports Jeremy Corbyn in Labour leadership election

National UNISON Labour Link Committee member Andrew Berry commented:

"The choice was simple, we had to back a candidate whose views coincide 100% with our  own union policies. Jeremy has the support of UNISON member's up and down the country and now the support of our union at a national level.
It was clear from members' responses to the UNISON surveys that the overwhelming majority of member's wanted us to nominate Jeremy and I am really pleased that our committee heeded this call"

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Jane discusses the gender pay gap on LBC

Jane Doolan

Sheila Fogarty

Caroline Dinenage MP

Jane was a guest on the Sheila Fogarty phone in last week, 14th July, discussing the Gender Pay gap, with a Government Minister, Caroline Dinenage.
Jane pointed out that the Government should have made the publication of pay in compabies compulsory as part of the 2010 Equalities Act.
She said that David Cameron's promise of eradicating the Gender Pay Gap within a generation was just "kicking it into the long grass."
Its been over 40 years since the Dagenham Machinists took action leading to the Equal Pay Act.
Direct and Indirect discrimination still exists.
Since 1997 the gap has gone down from 27.5% to 19.1% - but still higher than any country in the European Union where the average is 16.4%


Wednesday, 8 July 2015